The Jalili family had been a permanent fixture at the corner of 37th Street and 5th Avenue since 2003, selling halal dishes from their food cart. But now Ezatullah Jalili, who has been running the cart since 2008, says the Grand Central Partnership is trying to edge him out with the cunning use of flowers and benches.

After the Partnership moved benches and flower pots into his spot, Jalili moved across the street, and says he saw a 30% drop in business. And in a telling twist, the building he used to operate in front of is owned by the GCP. Perhaps the benches were a not-so-subtle hint that the building didn't enjoy the intoxicating scents of halal lamb wafting into their windows. Islamophobes!

Jalili's lawyer has filed a suit against the Partnership in the Queens Supreme Court, and is asking them to let Jalili continue to operate his cart at its original location. The lawsuit states "The bench made it impossible for the plaintiff to legally operate his cart," and Jalili said, "This is the only source that I can support my family with...Every day I lose hope." But what is worse for business, operating in a different spot, or the fact that his core clientele doesn't seem to be willing to cross the street for their lunch?