The Hudson River has been enjoying the pleasures of rustic party boat and restaurant The Frying Pan for a long while, but it's about time someone transfered the idea over to the East River. And thanks to a plastic packaging company, it looks like Queens will get its first floating beer garden next summer!

The company bought the vessel Prudence Ferry a few months ago for about $70,000 and placed it at the gorgeous Anable Basin in Hunters Point. Matt Quigley, the owner of the Long Island City-based Plaxall, told DNAInfo that he was influenced by The Frying Pan (whose founder, John Krevey, had once considered opening a floating bar in the area).

Quigley hopes that this could be a big step in helping to revitalize the waterfront in the area: “It will be a way of getting on the water without being too fancy,” Quigley said. “We are trying to enliven the area.” Now let's just hope the lines at this one when it opens don't reach the insane levels seen at The Frying Pan!