The vehicles dispensing dirty water dogs and charred street meat are getting an eco-friendly makeover thanks to a fleet of 500 new food carts set to debut in the coming months. This morning, the City Council announced a partnership with MOVE Systems, which will supply the new carts gratis to vendors throughout the city.

"As a strong supporter of our city's street vendors, I am pleased to join MOVE Systems today as they announce this innovative pilot program," said Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito in a statement. "Small business owners like food cart vendors, are the backbone of New York City's economy and the fabric of our neighborhoods."

The new carts will be equipped with a heavy-duty fuel tank and low emission CNG, which are both responsible for safer cooking and a lower environmental impact than traditional propane tanks. Highly combustable propane has been responsible for multiple terrifying incidents when fires and explosions have injured workers trapped inside. The so-called MRV100 carts will also be equipped with a "restaurant-grade kitchen" complete with refrigeration and sinks, plus solar panels and alternative fuel that further reduce the cart's carbon footprint.

According to a report by Energy Vision, "each MRV100 reduces climate change gases by 60% and smog-causing NOx pollution by 95% thereby taking the pollution equivalent of nearly 200 cars off the road." While the emissions from the tailpipe will be greatly reduced, you'll still smell like a walking fire pit after passing the kebab carts.