The Flatiron district has a new restaurant. And while it has a groaner of a name—try and say Prandial (as in "of or relating to a meal") and not hate yourself—it isn't a bad addition to the neighborhood. "Progressive American" food, anyone?

Located in the West 21st Street space that once housed Justin's, the soul-food restaurant owned by P. Diddy (or maybe he was Puff Daddy then?), Prandial offers a big, simple space for lots of diners—about 125 to be specific. Pink leather banquettes, nice dark wood floors, white tablecloths (how we've missed seeing you!) and so on make up the majority of what you see. And unlike so many restaurants these days the space isn't trying too hard to be hip: Yeah, there are a few antiques around here and there but there also isn't an Edison bulb or a reclaimed wood table in sight (update: we missed it, but there actually a few Edison bulbs over the bar. But still!). And certainly no mason jar glasses!

As for the food? Chef Pierre Rougey's offerings, while billed as American, have a distinctly French air to them—which isn't a bad thing and makes sense as he is French. Prices are pretty on par with the neighborhood. Apps range from $9 for a seasonal soup to $15 for an avocado and crab salad. And while the entrees include a few big ticket items (the $37 lamb and figs, the $35 ribeye au poivre) it also has a slew of entrees in the $20 range. Desserts are all $9 and the cocktails are all $14 (and, at least when we stopped by, were quite strong).

We still wish it had a better name—and don't get us started on the "relate to your meal" tagline on their website—but what can you do?

31 West 21st Street // 212-510-8722