Chinese gadget companies, brands, Rudy Giuliani and even the 9/11 Museum itself have co-opted the September 11th terrorist attacks to the point where it's genuinely hard to tell whether or not something is a tribute, an insult, or just plain tone deafness. Bravo Pizza on 5th Avenue, one of several in a chainlet hawking serviceable slices in Manhattan, recently unveiled a new redesign of their pie menu, which includes "Ground Zero Deep Dish" slices. Never forget that deep dish isn't really pizza.

Reached by phone today, Mike Steinberg, who owns the 5th Avenue location, said the pizzeria is in the process of rebranding and expanding, including a new name: Big Slice of New York. Pies have been renamed after things that reference New York, like an Empire State Buffalo Chicken and a SoHo BBQ Chicken. "All different types of landmarks," Steinberg explained, and one of those landmarks includes Ground Zero, where nearly 3,000 people were killed.

"I was thinking about taking that off, because I don't know if we should put that on," Steinberg, a Long Island native, replied when asked about the name choice. "Those aren't the names exactly, it's trial and error. I don't want anybody to take it the wrong way, so that's why I'm probably going to change it."

Triangle Shirtwaist Neapolitan really rolls off the tongue.

Additional reporting by Gaby Del Valle