Let's say you're tired of drinking plain old beer, but you're not ready to abandon ship just quite yet. We've got just the thing: step right up to the lido deck and slip into a beer cocktail. And we're not just talking about micheladas (though Papacito's in Greenpoint does make a killer version). No, we're talking about the good stuff, the fluffily profiled-by-the-Times stuff, with fancy bitters and pretty garnishes. And, usually, extra booze piled on top of the beer! Here's where to find some of the best beer cocktails in the city:

Under the Boardwalk at Joe Doe: This tiny, family-run East Village spot has an impressive array of nine "prepared beers," mixed with everything from tequila to frozen marshmallows, but our favorite is the "Under the Boardwalk," a refreshing and unusual combination of Samurai Rice Ale, vodka and iced tea for sweetness, with dashes of grey salt and raw sugar for a little extra kick.
45 East 1st Street // (212) 780-0262

The Queenqueg Punch at The Drink: Get your beer by the bowl at the nautical-themed Williamsburg bar, whose Queenqueg punch comes gussied up with spicy Barbancourt rum, fresh orange and lemon juices, a squeeze of honey, bitters and a hearty pull of extra-strong English Coopers Vintage Ale.
228 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn // (718) 782-8463

The Goat Town Shandy at Goat Town: A shandy is an old-school cocktail, a pilsner mixed half-and-half with citrus-flavored soda, carbonated lemondate, ginger beer or cider. At Nick Morgenstern's Goat Town, the shandy gets a bit of a twist: it's a light pilsner mixed with fresh lemon juice and herbed simple syrup.
511 East 5th Street // (212) 687-3641

The Beggar's Banquet at The Breslin: Get extra-boozy at April Bloomfield's still-hot Ace Hotel gastropub, where bartenders mix bourbon whiskey with maple syrup, fresh lemon juice, bitters and top the whole thing with ale. Beggars can't be choosers, but they can get drunk.
16 West 29th Street // (212) 679-1939

The King's Beer at Rye: Rye's revamped michelada is indeed a drink fit for nobility: a heavy lager layered with rum, topped with hot sauce, fresh lime and spicy sea salt. Your fiery mouth will thank you for giving it the kick it deserves.
247 South 1st Street // (718) 218-8047