With new fancy sushi spots opening every six minutes, it's pretty clear raw fish is a hot commodity these days—and a couple weeks ago, one crafty New Yorker decided it would be wise to go all in on stocking up on some spicy tuna. On July 6, a thief snuck into Sushi X Restaurant in Long Island City and stole cases of raw tuna, red snapper, eel and crab. And the fish wasn't cheap, either: the thief's sushi spoils totaled about $1,600.

Police officers described the thief as a thin black male in his 30s and 40s, and wearing a polo shirt, sunglasses and a baseball hat. He'll most likely be spotted racking up rave reviews at a SoHo sushi bar this fall. And if he's caught, we assume Pedro Espada will request they share a cell.