Last month, the Port Authority threatened housewares store Fishs Eddy in an attempt to stop it from selling items with the old World Trade Center and other Port Authority structures painted on them. Now Fishs Eddy has decided to up the ante, by continuing to sell the items—AND offer Port Authority employees a discount!

A tipster pointed out the new deal at Fishs Eddy's Flatiron store, which is actually just blocks away from the Port Authority's corporate offices on Park Avenue South. The Port Authority has claimed that Fishs Eddy's sale of dishware with the Twin Towers (and Holland and Lincoln Tunnels) damages the agency's reputation.

This comes a day after the Post pointed out the 9/11 Museum gift shop sells the VERY SAME Fishs Eddy dishes the Port Authority is trying to stop: "The museum marks up the prices. For example, Fishs Eddy retails the cereal bowl for $10.95, while the 9/11 gift-shop price is $14. The $22.95 pasta bowl sells for $29 in the 9/11 shop. The $14.95 salt-and-pepper pair goes for $23."

Last week, John Oliver questioned the Port Authority's decision to go after dishes with whimsical illustrations while the Port Authority Bus Terminal is the "single worst place on the planet Earth."