After a long testing period (which started last year) and a difficult February without snow or Dorito-flavored Taco Bell, yesterday at midnight stoners across the country (including New York!) finally flocked to strip malls and sampled from the shameful culinary merger of Dorito-flavored Taco Bell shells. Forcing us to get even more orange Dorito dust on our hands while eating $2 tacos will be enough to suggest that "the brand has its mojo back," at least according to Brian Niccol, the chief marketing and innovation officer for the Mexican chain. Not everyone sees the mojo rising, however. "Certainly people love Doritos, but putting them onto a shell doesn't necessarily make it a more authentic Mexican restaurant," says marketing strategist Laura Ries, who clearly has no clue about what attracts people to Taco Bell.

From Reddit we discovered that, not unlike concert tickets, some waited outside of various Taco Bell locations just to get a taste, with one connoisseur griping that the shells' didn't stick together for very long (result: "Taco salad!").

One tacoenophile named Ben Garvey actually live tweeted his taco eating experience. In his estimation, they're "just okay." But on the plus side, there's a guy behind the counter wearing a massive Tacos Loco hat, and a QR code leads to a free music video by Dale Earnhart Jr Jr, one act from the Hype Hotel at SXSW coming up this weekend (this seems to be part of Taco Bell's music promotion website, Feed the Beat, part of the Loco Tacos $75 million advertising campaign).

Below we have some other reviews, most of which are glowing (and note the required substance to be consumed along with Dorito Tacos):

Just saying...

Perhaps a little extreme?

And at last some honesty, from the appropriately named Robert Judge: