Photos via Bitchcakes, jimandkarlamurray, ixtayul, and EV Grieve

Mars Bar's transformation from fruit fly maternity ward to sleek money-dispensing vestibule is almost complete. The former home of NYC's most horrifying pee collection bowls now has a shiny new look, complete with dainty light fixtures, graffiti-free walls and what we can only presume are working toilets.

Gaze into the future home of quinoa bowls and cold pressed cocktails courtesy of Bowery Boogie, who got a peek behind the papered windows into Mars Bars 2.0. Gone are the splintered bar and crusty patrons, replaced with cutesy stools and sunlight—so much hideous sunlight.

Developers and partners in this new venture have permission to keep the Mars Bar moniker, kinda like how after CBGB shut down they started selling T-shirts to tourists. It's unlikely the old guard crowd will take a dip in the proposed bathhouses on premises; they'd be better off with their memories.