Last year, there was a whole hullabaloo after news spread that Chef Daniel Angerer had crafted a cheese out of breast milk; but after the controversy blew over, others started getting in on the breast milk market this year. And now, a restaurant in London has started selling breast milk ice cream, which is being served to customers in a cocktail glass. Does this mean Andrea Peyser is blessed with precognition?

According to the Daily Mail, Covent Garden-based Icecreamists have named the £14 dish Baby Gaga, the name of which translates to "spawn of Lady Gaga." The drink, which is a combination of breast milk and Madagascan vanilla with lemon zest, is served with liquid nitrogen by specially costumed Baby Gaga waitresses. Icecreamists calls it a "a storm in a D cup."

The first 50 servings of the delicacy were provided by 35-year-old Victoria Hiley, who gave 30 ounces of milk; but since the first servings have already sold out, the restaurant desperately needs more women to provide milk (13 others have since volunteered). They are offering £15 for every ten ounces of breast milk—will this inevitably result in farms where women are kept in pens and attached to machines? Will it go from "meat is murder" to "breasts are murder"? We also wonder if this is the first step toward a whole industry of breast milk dairy products—breast milk butter, breast milk heavy cream, breast milk whipped cream, the possibilities are endless!

If it does come to America, maybe the IRS will agree to give tax breaks to women who donate breast milk. But an amused Chef Angerer told us he doesn't think it will get to America, because "people have issues with human fluids." He added that his breast milk frommage only started as an experiment for his blog, and said he wasn't tempted to get back into the breast milk business: "Am I gonna serve it in my restaurant? Absolutely not."