The ongoing battle between co-owners at Apotheke is turning into quite the downtown soap opera. To recap: part owner Albert Trummer has been arrested for starting fires on the bar (part of the establishment's thing). Owner Heather Tierney is suing Trummer for the firestarting antics, even though she supposedly encouraged the behavior to bring people in to the bar originally. Now Grub Street reports that while Trummer was allegedly arrested again in October, his rep says that is false, and that it was Tierney and her brother that were arrested for attacking him.

Trummer's rep told the site: "Tierney has set up Albert Trummer twice and is trying to squeeze him out of Apotheke, being that he owns the copyright to the concept, which was completely his idea. She called the authorities herself... filed a law suit without merit, and Mr. Trummer turned himself in and has been cooperating completely with the Fire Department, NYPD, and all authorities in this matter." But wait, there's more! According to that same rep, Tierney's brother was arrested for third-degree assault for tackling/smashing/pushing Trummer down the stairs at Apotheke on September 18th. Dun dun dun.

This is going to end with someone being set on fire, isn't it?