Graydon Carter's Waverly Inn isn't quite the hot spot it once was (OpenTable, much?), but that's nothing a little, ahem, fire can't fix, right? Yesterday afternoon the Village restaurant's basement caught fire requiring 60 firefighters to quickly put out the blaze. And while nobody was hurt, some of the restaurant's famous Edward Sorel murals were damaged. But don't cry for Carter just yet!

"Honestly, the whole thing is of no matter to me," Sorel told the Post of his ruined piece, which depicts New York legends like Andy Warhol and Truman Capote. "It’s a reproduction of some of the drawings on my wall — the whole thing is digitalized. It’s a replica; it’s easily reproduced."

And really, if you simply must get a look at the mural, you can always check out the book that Random House published of them four years ago. But it isn't like New York is lacking in restaurants and bars with great murals. As far as we're concerned Maxfield Parrish's mural in the King Cole Bar remains the best of 'em. And that one? That ain't no digital reproduction!