Yet another reminder to do a sweep of any food you do not prepare personally before you yet it: A woman is suing restaurant Rue 57 because bit into a finger that was in the beet salad. Oh, yes, a finger. The Posts reports that the $3 million lawsuit is based on Marina Andriynannikova's takeout that was good until she "bit on something hard." "At first, I didn't realize what it was. Then I noticed a nail and some flesh."At first the Rue 57 denied that it was a finger - until he found out that it was his employee's cut finger in the salad. The lawsuit "charges the restaurant with negligence - and also blames the unidentified employee for failing 'to determine the location of his severed fingertip.'" Failing to determine the location of his severed fingertip is pretty serious, but the poor employee.

The Post's Steve Cuozzo wrote a review of Rue 57 in 2000. And find out about other restaurant's health department status checking with the city's database.