Tired of tracking down each and every food truck on their own individual Twitter account? Yeah, it's hard to keep track of all the Korean tacos and cupcakes and fancy grilled cheeses cruising around out there. That's why Tweat.it was invented, and now, you can finally get it on the go.

Jess Eddy and Joel Potischman created the Tweat.it website last year as a way to help street food fans track down any food truck in the city, in real time. As soon as a food truck tweets their location, it's updated on the app's map, alongside the app's mini truck-only Twitter feed. It's a great way to visually plot our your next meal, especially given Manhattan's increasingly hostile attitude toward mobile food vendors. (It's also not the only food truck map out there—check out Trux Map, too, if you're so inclined.)

But no food truck maps were mobile until yesterday, when developed Dave Cascino launched a free Tweat.it iPhone app, which is really helpful considering the trucks you're chasing down have a tendency to, you know, move around. [via Business Insider]