From corn dogs to lollipops, foods on a stick mean good eats without getting your hands dirty. That's why the popsicle mavens at popbar created a brand new treat on a stick; class, give a warm welcome to the wafflePop. They're ironing up the doughy treats at their West Village shop, where you can choose from one of three fillings (chocolate chip, blueberry or roasted pear) or keep your waffle naked with the plain option.

The dough pops can also be dipped in sauces like three different kinds of chocolate and whipped cream, then topped with a variety of nuts, coconut or granola, should you so desire. Tastemakers at the shop created their own combos like Berry Berry Sweet (Blueberry wafflePop, milk chocolate drizzle, whipped cream) and Blondie wafflePop (Plain wafflePop, white chocolate drizzle, whipped cream, coconut) if you're not big on decision making. WafflePops will officially launch next week starting at $3.49, with toppings for a few more pennies.

Mmmmmessy (courtesty popbar)