Longtime Williamsburg haunt Cafe Moto has been reborn as a cycling enthusiast's temple to two-wheeled transportation called Bar Velo, opening Monday on Broadway. John McCormick shut down his 14-year restaurant a few months back to retool the design a bit and update the menu to be completely vegetarian. And in the spring, they'll launch Velo-To-Go, offering grocery-type things like bread, fruit and flowers plus...cycling gear.

The cycling theme continues with items from McCormick's personal collection of bike gear, including jerseys and lots of bike fixtures (a bicycle has always hung outside the restaurant's front door). Like Moto, Velo will also double as a casual live music venue, stuffing musicians into the tiny space on certain days.

Though one shouldn't pair too much boozing with biking (outside of Bike Kill, of course), the cocktail options sound refreshing and simple. Faust Coppi takes mezcal for a spin with green chartreuse, maraschino and fresh lime, while whiskey rides tandem with lemon, roma tomato and basil in the Belleville.

Food's of the share plate variety and, again, all vegetarian. Lentil Walnut Pate comes with grilled baguette with miso and cornichons; fettuccini with slow roasted tomato, basil oil, olives and breadcrumbs; and the burger's a black bean offering with grilled portobello, avocado and garlic aioli.

394 Broadway; barvelobrooklyn.com