Just because New York got hit by a superstorm doesn't mean things have really changed. People still wait on line for Apple baubles, and the pretentious part of Brooklyn that drives you nuts is still with us. Just look: on Saturday an olive oil store is opening in Williamsburg. Though it is going to make it so much easier for us to start our artisanal aioli shop.

The store, O Live Brooklyn, located in the Gretsch building at 60 Broadway, is owned by Greg Bernarducci and his wife Elizabeth Weiss; they have "been married over 10 years and take great pleasure in raising their daughter with an organic and all-natural lifestyle." They'll offer lots of products you'll like if you enjoy salad dressing ingredients:

A dozen varietals from Chile and Australia, with names like mission, picual, arbequina, hojiblanca and koroneiki, are dispensed on tap from big metal drums. Oils from California and the Mediterranean will soon replace them. Flavored oils and balsamic vinegars, often infused with ingredients like fig and vanilla, are also available

And don't worry none of that oil is old. The O Live team puts a "Harvest Date" on every oil they offer ("We strongly believe that extra virgin olive oil is like fruit juice: highly perishable. It is healthier and more flavorful when consumed fresh."). We'd expect nothing less from people who say they are "extremely obsessive when it comes to the chemistry of [their] olive oils."

And in all seriousness, considering the problems with counterfeit olive oil, there is a good reason for this kind of store (there really are lots of types of oil). But at the same time it is all just so very. Still! Now we totally have more options for our olive oil herb ice cubes and naked sunbathing.