Being an adult has its advantages, like being able to booze while a stranger takes sharp implements to your split ends. But with great drunken power comes great responsibility—and also the errant hair in your wine glass. That's why the thoughtful geniuses at newly-opened Upper East Side Thomas Taft Salon devised an ingenious vessel to protect your precious pinot from being desecrated with snippets of your hair. What a world.

Behold the hair-proof wine glass, which safely encloses 10 ounces of wine in a hard plastic sheath. The design boasts a "closeable hole" for in between sips or if the fiery breeze from the hair dryer should accidentally knock it over, just like an adult sippy cup! The salon tells us the contraption is also insulated, so white wine stays appropriately chilled while you're getting a neck ache over the sink.

"A lot of customers didn't even think about how much hair would fall in their wine in the past, but once they've enjoyed a hair- and worry-free glass with us, they're changed forever," explained owner Melyssa Hurley. "You just can't go back to drinking at other salons."

Them's fightin' words! ...if you regularly booze at hair salons. Customers enjoy the benefits of this invention for free while undergoing a service but they're also available for purchase ($15, or $10 with service) for that special someone on your holiday gift list. Possible giftees: wind turbine operators; Mount Washington hikers; hang gliders; toddler oenophiles. Or you could cut out the middle man and swig directly from the bottle. Problem solved!