baby cakes

Rejoice, lactarded brethren: today we bring a great message of hope. For years you have suffered, watching as your friends put away pound after pound of Magnolia Cupcakes, while you subsist entirely on sorbets and soy-flavored cookies that taste like ashes in your mouth. No longer! We were at a party recently when a friend announced a fascinating discovery: cupcakes from Babycakes NYC that are made without "wheat, gluten, dairy, casein, eggs, soy, nuts and refined sugar". We expected anything made from coconut oil, agave nectar, date sugar, birch tree sweetener to taste like a delectable shade of ass, but these cupcakes were tasty and sweet. A little denser than your average cupcake fare, but delicious nonetheless. Check them out today: Babycakes NYC, 248 Broome Street, Manhattan.