New Yorkers have long-since gotten used to the wonderful idea of a free pizza with a beer, but are we ready to warm up to unlimited pizza buffets? Because ready or not, here they come. Be afraid.

So apparently there is a chain out there called CiCi's Pizza, which offers an all-you-can-eat pizza buffet with 28 pies in rotation, as well as pasta, soup, salad and dessert for $6.99 a person ($3.99 for kids). Seems there are actually 550 of them out there in 34 states (news to those of at Gothamist HQ who never leave the house, let alone the city). Anyway, after inching closer and closer to town (there is one in East Rutherford, NJ) the chain is set to make its first foray into the city on Monday. The residents of Gun Hill Road in the Bronx are never going to know what hit them.

Really though, we're sure the business will do fine—New Yorkers love all kinds of pizza and who wouldn't want to gorge themselves on an unlimited supply of pizza topped with mac 'n' cheese? Our major concern is what this will do to the pizza principle...

1776 E. Gun Hill Rd, Bronx