Finally, a beverage for pregnant women, observant Muslims and recovering alcoholics who preferred whisky alike! Move over O'Doul's, there is a new boozeless brew in town and it goes by the name ArKay. Be afraid.

According to its website "ArKay, the world`s first alcohol free whisky flavored drink is designed for the socialite to the construction worker. The exceptional taste of whisky without the alcohol making a perfect beverage that anyone can consume." They also say it is Halal friendly! But according to the Scotch Whisky Association it is all a lie. They say ArKay is just a "soft drink with artificial flavourings" and are fighting to make sure that if it ever sees the light of day in Europe—it only started taking orders in the States this month—it cannot use the phrase "alcohol-free whisky."

As the legal affairs director of SWA Glen Barclay tells drinks business: "Such promotion is taking advantage of the high quality reputation of the product that is whisky, which is a distilled spirit produced from natural ingredients, when it is in fact just a soft drink with artificial flavourings." We'd also add the idea of it somehow makes us sad.

But hey, Heather Greene says women should drink more whisky—so now we guess that goes for pregnant women, too?

[H/T Squid Ink]