Vinnie's Pizzeria is writing the book (made of pizza) on innovative ways to carbo-load—the Greenpoint/Williamsburg pizza spot blessed us with the famed pizza-on-pizza Cheeseception slice last May, and now they've gone ahead and made a pizza box out of pizza:

Indeed, the heavenly bread thing you see in front of you is a pepperoni pie inside a box made of pizza. The base is a Sicilian-esque pie made of a hollowed-out fluffy dough, and the top is garlic-bread-like pizza dough, drizzled with olive oil and fresh garlic. It doesn't really matter what it's made out of, of course, because it's all pizza, and pizza is the greatest food.

This thing of beauty was dreamed up on Wednesday by co-owner Sean Berthiaume. "It was a little slow before the lunch rush, and whenever it gets a little slow I like to experiment," Berthiaume, who also invented the Greatest & Cheesiest Cheeseception Pizza Of Our Time, told us today. He took inspiration from some of his more wasteful customers. "Sometimes I get a little annoyed by customers that ask for a box, and then sit down [in the shop] and eat the piece of pizza and throw the box into my trash can," he said. "It got me thinking, I wish they could eat the box."

Berthiaume tweeted his creation, and the masses came calling—he says he whipped up about 10 pizzas in pizza boxes on Wednesday and Thursday, and today he's making three more. The masterpieces run $40 each, which is quite reasonable if you consider they're really three pizzas in one.

Though Vinnie's is known for their creative specials, Berthiaume says he's had some failed experiments over the years. "One time I tried to make the hottest slice I could think of. I ended up making the crust ingrained with jalapeños, sauce made of hot sauce, and then put ghost peppers on it and spicy chicken, and all of the hottest sauces I could find," he said. "I think I overdid it."

And for those looking forward to the next fantastic creation, note that Berthiaume doesn't plan his pizzawork ahead of time. "It's a spur of the moment thing, I go in and think, what am I going to do today?" he told us. "Tomorrow's another day, another pizza."