At last, the untold true story that, for generations, Hollywood has been too afraid to tell: a movie about the history of soy sauce. Kikkoman soy sauce. What's that, you say? Why see a short film about the stuff you slosh on a no. 8 from Vanessa's when you can watch Seth Rogen go on a road trip with Barbara Streisand? We have to agree, but it turns out at least that the Kikkomans have a fairly illustrious history.

The 24-minute documentary, titled Make Haste Slowly, traces the Japanese family's soy sauce-making roots back to 1600, eventually spinning a heartwarming tale about the bond formed between the Kikkomans and the Wisconsin manufacturers that opened the company's first plant in America's Heartland, back in 1973.

It's directed by Lucy Walker, an Academy Award-winner of Waste Land fame, so while you could say it's just one big ad for soy sauce (because, actually, it is), there was probably at least some artistry involved in its making. Plus, it doesn't star Anne Hathaway.

According to Facebook, Make Haste Slowly: The Kikkoman Creed had its New York premiere last Wednesday, and it'll start airing on Kikkoman's website on December 23. Check out the trailer below.