Thanks to Black Seed Bagel, Smile-to-Go, and mother nature, a ramps bagel exists. However, no one told us until now, and there's only a few more days left to get it. For the rest of May, you can pick up one of these from Black Seed Bagels or Smile-to-Go at the Freehand Hotel (23 Lexington Ave). Here's what we know...

The creation comes from chef Melia Marden, in a collaboration with Black Seed. It's called The Spring Greens Bagel, and it's layered with sautéed ramps cream cheese, fava beans, snap peas, pea shoots and a mix of fresh herbs on a chili flake bagel.

That's a lot of green. (Courtesy of Smile-to-Go)

Can you keep it simple and hold the fava beans, snap peas, pea shoots and herbs? Yes. Take it from a Bagel Sandwich to a Classic Breakfast Bagel and let the ramps cream cheese take care of the flavoring. Can you get it on a regular bagel instead of a chili flake bagel? Sure. Can you just eat the ramps cream cheese with a spoon? I am doing it right now.

You can also get that toasted or untoasted, scooped or unscooped, or half toasted and cut into fourths (please don't do that though or you will embarrass all other New Yorkers).

Here is what it may look like in your hand. (Courtesy of Smile-to-Go)

Bonus: If you get your ramps bagel at the Freehand Hotel location, you can wash it down with a Frozen Negroni.