With all the hoopla about the BDSM megahit Fifty Shades Of Grey something has clearly been missing. Sure, hotels are replacing the Holy Bible with the book and all sorts of tie-ins are popping up all over, but what about brunch? Won't somebody think of the working mother's need for a bondage-tutorial brunch? Oh, nevermind. Babeland, which looks to be minting money off the series, is ON IT.

As Brokelyn notes, the Park Slope location of the always-friendly Babeland sex toy shop is hosting "Babeland Brunch: Fifty Shades of Hot Sex" this Sunday at 1:30 p.m. So, not only will you learn how to "try out some of the scenes from the book" and "discuss ways to make your fantasies into reality" you will also be able to munch on complimentary muffins and sip coffee. But, sadly, no booze (which kind of defeats the brunch part, no?).

Bonus? "The first fifteen guests will receive gift bags filled with toys that are Mr. Grey Approved." Also, it is free. How can you not go?