After last week's article about brides who will go to extreme—yet non-surgical— lengths to look perfect in their wedding gowns (hello, feeding tube diet!), the NY Times offers a look at some of the response from readers. For instance, an oblivious man wonders why brides can't just buy a bigger dress. Jeez, did he not read the article about how weddings can make women totally insane?!

Another woman commented, "If you’re with someone who wants a swimsuit model for a partner, then he is free to contact Sports Illustrated and ask to date one directly." Pffft—there's only one Kate Upton and there are over 2 million weddings in the U.S. each year. But most criticism was directed towards the so-called feeding tube diet, which gives its brides/victims all nutrients needs (but just 800 calories worth each day) via a "nasogastric tube" for 10 days and $1,500.

A nurse, who lost 70 pounds by a non-feeding tube diet, weighed in, "If all you need are the low-carb fluids, why not just drink them? But it is going to be the next thing for dieters — almost as dangerous as women eating cotton balls. We are all dying to be thin. I’m just glad I found a healthy lifestyle that works." And Dr. Michael Cirigliano, on MyFoxPhilly, said this is "the most ridiculous, ludicrous thing... It’s mind-boggling. I’m speechless. You should not do anything like this. It’s dangerous. It’s wrong." Watch his video—he talks about sinus infections and says it's "off the deep end" but admitted "it's great for television... it's a great way to tell people not to do anything like this":

Dr. Mike Discusses Feeding Tube Diet:

Jessica Schnaider, the feeding tube diet bride profiled by the Times, said the critics were wrong, "I lost the weight. There was no other consequence. I wasn’t putting myself at risk. I asked the doctor, ‘Is there any kind of medicine or drug in the mixture?’ because I didn’t want that. And he said, ‘No, just protein powder,’ so I was fine. It made sense to me. Why can they say it’s crazy?" And her doctor, Dr. Oliver Di Pietro added, "The doctors who are against this are showing a tremendous lack of empathy for people who need to lose weight."

Yeah, stop being mean to the bridezillas who want to wear feeding tubes because if you're spending obscene amounts of money on the wedding already (average wedding in Manhattan costs... $65,000—it's around $40,000 in the outer boroughs), why stop let the idiotic ideas stop?