1080recipes.jpgWe've all got our go-to recipe bibles. You know -- the book you go to when you're looking for basics, like how to hard-boil an egg; simple, traditional recipes, like beef stew, chicken fricasee, or corn muffins; or some yet untried way to zip up a tired ingredient. In Italy, it's The Silver Spoon, in America, it's the Joy of Cooking (or, one might argue, How to Cook Everything). In Spain, it's 1080 Recetas de Cocina, by Simone Ortega.

This 1972 compendium of traditional Spanish cookery has been translated into English, retitled "1080 Recipes," and revamped for the English-speaking audience. In addition to the 1080 recipes, which include tapas galore, gazpacho, paella, flan, and much, much more, the new tome features suggested menus from top Spanish and American chefs including Alexandra Raj, Jose Andres, and Andy Nusser, a seasonal produce guide, a glossary of terms and ingredients, and an infroduction from elBulli's Ferran Adrià. You'll find it on the bookshelves, ready to add to your bible collection, on November 1. $39.95, Phaidon Press.