Ladies, if your husband is taking you to the Four Seasons on February 14th, you might want to consider staking out the restaurant on the 13th. Co-owner Julian Niccolini tells Gourmet that night is always just as busy as V-Day, because that's when high rollers bring in the other women for an adulterous dinner. The article is full of other V-Day dos and don'ts, such as please don't make your marriage proposal in a restaurant! At Gramercy Tavern, a woman once asked a man to marry her, and when he said no, she stood up, started cursing, and began throwing plates. A waiter tells Gourmet, "Clearly, he made the right choice." And if you must propose while dining, don't hide the ring in the food! An engagement ring embedded in a woman's crème brûlée was swallowed before her boyfriend could pop the question. "Our first hug was the Heimlich maneuver," he recalls.