2007_11_friedturkey.jpgWe love timely tips from the FDNY! The Fire Department is reminding New Yorkers that deep-frying turkeys is very, very dangerous. Why? Well, the fryers easily tip over and many fryers don't have automatic temperature control. Also, "oil may spill from the fryer onto the burner causing a fire." Underwriters Laboratories has a video of what can go wrong during turkey deep-frying and it is insane.

It does seem like there's at least one deep-fried turkey mishap in the area during Thanksgiving. And if you are going to dare dunk your bird in a boiling vat of oil, the FDNY (which calls deep-frying turkeys a "recipe for a holiday tragedy) recommends to do it outside. The FDNY also has other kitchen safety tips, such as making sure to "have a pot lid handy to smother a pan fire" and "wear short or tight fitting sleeves."

And did you know Jive Turkey in Brooklyn deep fries turkeys? We bet they will be pretty crowded today and tomorrow!