Gnarly trans fats have been banned in NYC since 2006 but the elimination of partially hydrogenated oils has been slower at the national level—until now. It looks like the Food and Drug Administration is making moves to phase out the use of trans fats in all food products in the United States as soon as this month. If a decision is reached, the unsafe oils could be verboten as soon as June 15th.

The Administration has been toying with a ban since 2013, when it began a 60 day public comment period to determine if PHOs are "generally recognized as safe" (GRAS) or not and take action on the results. The looming ban would suggest that the agency's findings concur with scientific research that PHO's have a significant impact on heart-related incidents and deaths in the United States.

There's no indication yet on how the FDA would implement this measure, but pressure from an educated public has already had an effect on the presence of the food additive in popular products. Say your fondest farewells now to microwave popcorn and Red Lobster biscuits as you once knew them.