The FDA has finally made good on its promise to inundate Americans with calorie counts wherever they go—and this time, that also means movie theaters. The administration announced new rules today that will require the caloric labeling of foods at myriad food service establishments on a national level, with even more sweeping inclusions than earlier attempts.

Under the new rules [pdf], fast food and sit down restaurants operating more than 20 outlets, movie theaters, amusements parks, vending machines and even single-serving grocery store items will be marked up. I wasn't going to eat that whole pint of Chubby Hubby I swear. Also included: booze. You'll be able to saddle up to the bar at your local dive and order a Rum & Coke in peace but try the same at a chain and you're getting all 380 calories of Pina Colada shoved in your face.

The rules were slated to go into effect next year, barring any opposition from food service lobbyists; but of course, the opposition has already begun. The Times reports that the National Grocers Association and vending machine and convenience associations have already spoken out against the measure; vending machine operators have even been given an extra year to comply.

But you can't fight The Man forever; after all, New York City and the other 18 states and cities that have adopted some form of mandatory calorie transparency are totally healthier than ever thanks to completely effective calorie labeling. It only stands to reason that a national push in this direction will make a huge difference.