After closing the colorful West Village taqueria Cabrito, owner Zak Pelaccio temporarily turned it into a rollicking party palace called Fatty Johnson's (tee hee). But that was never meant to last; as Pelaccio previously stated, his plan was to open a "grown-up" addition to his Fatty family—a place where "the plates are a little more studied and the food is not so deliberately leaning toward the Southeast Asian end of the spectrum." Now Pelaccio is proud to announce that his West Village baby is all growns up: Fatty 'Cue opened there last week.

The menu, which you may peruse below, is more refined and less BBQ-centric than the Williamsburg 'Cue, but we're told the elements of "smoke and funk" live on in this new iteration. The space has been completely over-hauled from its Cabrito/Fatty Johnson's days, with more details such as the little skull buttons on the booths and the muscle man coat hangers below the bar.

And unlike the Brooklyn 'Cue, this Fatty 'Cue features Thai-style bottle service, which takes its cue (sorry) from a traditional Thai style of cocktail service wherein bottles of booze are brought to the table and cocktails can either be made for you, or by you. (Anyway, it beats having to make your own pizza.) Another highlight, we're told, is the dessert menu from Micah Phillips, which marks the Cue's first foray into a legitimate sweets menu. Tantalizing options include a sundae with ginger and buffalo milk ice cream ($10); and "Funky Flavors" such as the Tamarind-Black Sesame-Smoke (tamarind pudding, sesame tapioca, smoke) and the Coconut-Watermelon-Menthol (coconut mangosteen sherbet, dill compressed watermelon, menthol ice).

50 Carmine Street (between Bleecker & Bedford) // (212) 929-5050 // Tuesday - Sunday, 5 p.m. to 12 a.m.

Fatty 'Cue West Village