It's the most wonderful time of the year—the time when you can hide your glutton-esque ways under sweet sweet layers of clothing. What better way to fatten up than with a walk-around food market in the great outdoors? The Madison Square Market is back for the season, and they've got some solid eats.

Starting tomorrow and running through October 21, the Market, centered in Worth Square on the west side of the Park between Fifth Avenue and Broadway, will be offering up the following: pizza from Roberta's, pig's head sandwiches and blood sausage from The Cannibal, grilled cheeses from The Milk Truck, pretzel dogs from Sigmund Pretzel Shop, tacos and burritos from Calexico, whoopie pies and cupcakes from Robicelli's, and freshly made mini-donuts from Cuzin Duzin, amongst other options.

Smart planning: station a friend in line at Shake Shack while you gather up snacks to fuel you through the endless burger wait. Of course, there will also be a variety of tacky tchotchkies for you to spend your money for your cousins back in Ohio, too.