Bad news for the 65 million people who are on the express highway to obesity the next few years—not only will you be fat, but you'll also be poor, especially if you're a chick!

A new study from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth found that in 2004, average annual incomes were $8,666 less for obese women (and $4,772 less for obese men) compared with "normal" weight workers, whatever that means. On top of that, Hispanic women who are obese make less than slender Hispanic women (and ditto for Hispanic men), although, in an interesting little twist, obese black men made more than normal-weight black men.

Nevertheless, professor Christine Ferguson said, "This research broadens the growing body of evidence that shows that in addition to taxing health, obesity significantly affects personal finances." Indeed—it's easy to go broke and get fat from ordering all those pizzas from your teevee machine. [via Fork in the Road]