2005_10_food_bagel.jpgNext Wednesday at sundown the Jewish high holiday of Yom Kippur begins - a 24 hour period of fasting and atonement. After a full day without food or drink, many Jews ritually break their annual fast with the "other" Jewish cuisine - Chinese. But, even more members of "the Tribe" default to the classic urban Judaic breakfast for break-the-fast - a smoked fish-palooza featuring a bevy of assorted bagels and cream cheese spreads.

So, all of this leads to two highly important questions: What is your favorite Chinese restaurant in New York? And, what is your favorite bagel bakery?

One more bonus question for the Jews in the crowd: If you and yours don't break fast with lo mein or bagels and lox, what is your family tradition? Burritos? Prime rib? Waffles? Caesar salad?