Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, our mother always said, and clearly lawyer Richard Katz agrees. Katz has filed a $730,000 lawsuit against the Setai Club and Spa Wall Street because it stopped serving the "complimentary full breakfast" he was promised with his $5,000 in annual membership fees. A cold buffet is not the same as "whatever you wanted."

The thing is Katz, who lives in the West Village with his wife, is a creature of habit, and he really liked his routine at the Setai. And honestly, if every day we got to "go to the gym in the morning, have a spa and a nice quiet breakfast and do some work" we'd be pissed if somebody "mucked it all up," too. Not sure we'd be nearly three-quarters of a million dollars pissed, but after all it was "a full restaurant menu like you get in a hotel—omelets, pancakes, waffles, yogurts, meats, juices," from SHO Shaun Hergatt that was taken away from Katz.

After SHO closed for a month in August the spa stopped serving the breakfasts and didn't bring them back when the restaurant returned. Katz, who had just renewed his membership, made a stink and "eventually, the club let him quit and gave him a prorated refund of his fees." But that wasn't enough. "It’s just not that easy," he says.

We haven't heard back from anyone at the Setai, but interestingly? The "Complimentary Breakfast at SHO (Monday-Friday)" is still listed as one of the premium perks for joining the club.