Instead of greasy burgers and salty fries, the UWS will be getting a big shot of sugar and cream when the former Big Nick's space turns into high end pastry shop Mille-Feuille. As rumored, the French bakery will take over the beloved burger joint's digs on Broadway at 77th Street sometime this spring, according to DNAinfo, as part of a larger deal by landlord Hotel Belleclaire, which is leasing the storefront.

The bakery offers a wide variety of goods, including croissants, macarons and their namesake cream and crust pastry plus a Cronut substitute if you're too busy to wait on line downtown for the real thing. They'll also be doing some light lunch fare like sandwiches and quiche and fresh baguette baked at their Williamsburg bakery extension. This new branch of the bakery will be larger than their Laguardia Place origins, with seating for 20 and a proposed back terrace area.

No amount of fluffy confections can soothe the hearts of Big Nick's devotees who still mourn the loss of the 51-year-old dive, which closed over the summer. But at least a local outlet will be taking over the space instead of a faceless corporation as befalls so many other neighborhood gems. The new bakery opens just a few blocks from tasty Pain D'Epices (aka the former Soutine) giving locals another spot to sate their sweet tooth. Pastry > ATMs 4eva.