For those DUMBO denizens who just can't wait for the Grilled Cheese truck's weekly stop, your prayers have been answered. A full time fancy grilled cheese joint has arrived in the hood. But be prepared, there is a reason that this spin-off of the LES's Little Muenster is called Little Muenster Tiny. Joint is tiny.

Still, good things come in small packages. And in the case of this Muenster that means a cheaper, if shorter, menu that the team is planning on changing up on a weekly basis. Right now, for example, you can get an Asiago, butternut squash, brown butter and muenster sandwich for $7.50. Add a soup and your total is $10. For what it is worth, we enjoyed our blue cheese, bacon marmalade, avocado and muenster sandwich (above). Not bad if you are used to the $10+ sandwiches down the block at Foragers.

Decor-wise there is really not much to talk about. Little Muenster Tiny is so tiny it doesn't even have a real sink—the team has a fancy sink on wheels instead (which yes, passed the health inspection). They hope to install a row of stools in the future but right now it is a take-out only affair. Similarly, for the moment the tiny lunch spot is only open Monday through Friday, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

145 Front Street // 646-499-4331