While the Unfancy Food Show held its humble affair in Williamsburg this past Sunday, the Fancy Food Show (yes, actual names) has been holding court this week with its annual massive event over at the Jacob Javits Center. Over 6,000 vendors from around the world will give out close to 200,000 samples in what is North America's largest specialty food event.

Out of that cast of thousands, the weirdest specimen we spotted was Jelly Belly's Beanboozled Jelly Beans, where those daring enough to try one don't know if they're getting a Coconut jelly bean or one that tastes like Baby Wipes, a Top Banana candy or a Pencil Shavings surprise.

This year's show not surprisingly saw vendors pitching many delicacies with Election Year spin, including Dave's Gourmet Democrat Hot Sauce (never to be used too liberally of course) and the showstopping giant head sculptures of the three major presidential hopefuls made entirely out of hummus. Sabra, a leading spreads and salads maker out of Astoria brought into the festival Kirk Rademaker, the winner of The Travel Channel's Sandblasters to carve the heads out of over 100 pounds of their hummus. Sabra was sure to include Hilary among the busts because "she said that she would never give up." The 54th Annual Summer Fancy Food wraps up today over at the Javits.