The folks behind the top-notch cocktail and coffee lounge The Randolph at Broome are branching out into beer, with a new 2,200 square foot brew & chew emporium a few doors down from their chill gin joint. And no matter how blotto you get, you should be able to remember the name: Randolph Beer. They say it opens to the public on March 28th, and serves about 50 different specialty craft beers, as well as "modern American" food with South East Asian and Australian influences. Here's a look under the hood (menus below).

The room, which used to be a lighting store, has been meticulously renovated by the Randolph team. As required by the Contemporary Interior Design Act of 2009, the bar is made from 100-year-old wood from a torn down tobacco barn in Kentucky, and their interior design incorporates Ford Model-T headlamps, reclaimed sidewalk pavers from DUMBO, and a 50 foot Maine oak tree recently struck down by lightning, which was used for the tables and booths. The bar featured salvaged material from across the country—in fact some stuff is even swiped from The Randolph at Broome down the block.

36 of those craft beers will be poured on draft, and we're told the list will intentionally favor American Craft brewers like Founders, Stone, Kelso, Barrier, Riverhorse and Left Hand, but will also reserve a handful of import options, such as Brouwerij Bosteels, Samuel Smith and Mikkeller, "selected to pay homage to the overseas beer greats." If you know how fastidious the Randolph at Broome guys are about temperatures with their cocktails, you won't be surprised to learn that each beer will be kept chilled "at style-specific temperatures and drawn direct from kegs right under the bar for maximum freshness."

The food menu ranges from small plates to burgers to salads to veggies and pastas. You got your beer-battered oysters, your maple-and-bacon brussels sprouts, a grilled Portuguese style chicken sandwich and a variety of meats, cheeses and pates. And obviously any establishment opening with this much reclaimed wood is also serving food that is 100% natural and hormone-free. It's a taste of Brooklyn by the Bowery! And come springtime, there will be sidewalk boozin'.

343 Broome between Bowery and Elizabeth Street // (212) 334-3706

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