Bars are already a type of playground for adults, whether that means blowing off steam with seven shots of Fireball or playing the occasional game of darts. Game-centric bars like Barcade have successively taken the interactive bar element closer to our childhood pastimes, and now a new Upper East Side beer hall is following suit, offering ping pong, pinball, free popcorn and even boozy beer and ice cream floats. Plus lots and lots of TVs.

The beer floats ($14) are grown up in more ways than just being boozy, as they're utilizing some funky flavors like blue cheese and chocolate goat's milk for the ice cream component. The draft selections are both domestic and international and the bar employs the "Flux Capacitor" that serious beer bars like Tørst also use for the hyper-control it provides.

Eats follow the hearty beer bar route, including Kimchi Griddle Cakes ($8), a Giant Soft Pretzel ($8) served with cheese dip, a Bratwurst sandwich ($11) and the TWP's Wurst Sampler ($15) with three different Schaller & Weber sausages plus warm potato salad and sauerkraut.

1125 1st Avenue, 212-832-1551; website

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