Two luminaries of the internet food media machine met on national television this morning. Marilyn Hagerty—whose charming review of a local Olive Garden skyrocketed her into the national spotlight—went on the Today show, where she recalled her rise to internet fame, chatted up her new book and ate a Cronut.

Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie looked on eagerly as Hagerty took her first bite, likely wishing their TV personality diets included fried carbs and cream. "A Cronut," Hagerty said thoughtfully, having never heard of this crazy people pastry. "Well, it's very chewy. It's very good. I think that I would like it with a cup of coffee, maybe in the afternoon. In the afternoon you can eat more." That's what we'd all like, Marilyn. Just a quiet afternoon with coffee, a Cronut and maybe the Times Wednesday crossword puzzle.

Hagerty thinks the Cronut could "make it" in her native North Dakota but points to the state's high standards of selectivity as a possible exclusion of the pastry. We're not sure we appreciate your tone, Marilyn. Are you implying that perhaps New Yorkers aren't discerning about their food? Or that our dedication and tenacity somehow weaken us as a city?

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