More bonesaws and sawdust floors are set to arrive in Brooklyn this fall, with today's announcement that popular upstate butcher shop Fleisher's is opening a store in Park Slope this September.

The husband-and-wife run shop already has a retail location in Kingston, but decided to make the move to Brooklyn to "join our sustainably-minded brethren," settling on Park Slope because it's one of their top areas for home delivery, and the original Fleisher's Meats was located in Kensington circa 1901. Oh, and also because they'll be "right across from Bierkraft." They plan to sell various cuts of meat, rotisserie chicken, and prepared frozen entrees like shepherd's pie, and they'll be doing delivery service as well. And, of course, they'll have a kid's corner and stroller parking, because, duh, Park Slope.

The upstate Fleisher's was the setting for Julie Powell's memoir Cleaving: A Story of Marriage, Meat, and Obsession, and other Brooklyn butcher bigwigs like Tom Mylan of The Meat Hook did time training with owner Joshua "The MooRu" Applestone, who was a vegan for 17 years before becoming a master butcher.