October is beer month at Gothamist, and our mission is to bring you a new beer-related post every day, until our hangovers become so crippling we wind up forgetting what we promised halfway through the month. For today's beer-related report, we asked the folks at Breukelen Bier Merchants, the terrific craft beer establishment in Williamsburg, to recommend some of their best beers. Here's what they told us:

Best Fall Beer:Great Divide Hoss

, 12oz bottle $2.69. This Oktoberfest style beer flies under the radar, but with hints of roasted malts and dark fruit, and the addition of rye that adds a spicy element to the mix, this rye lager truly is a hidden gem. The vibrant red-orange color really makes it a festive fall beer to boot!
Staff Favorite: Anchorage Bitter Monk 750 mL bottle, $19.99. This Double IPA aged in French oak Chardonnay barrels is complex and delicious with a crisp mouthfeel. It's slightly funky with hints of citrus and Chardonnay on the finish. This is sure to be a big seller!
Best Deal: Lagunitas Wilco Tango Foxtrot, 22 oz bottle $6.89. This 22oz bottle is most definitely a bang for the consumer's buck. But that's the idea behind this limited release beer, also referred to as a 'Jobless Recovery Ale' by Lagunitas. This American Strong Ale is 7.8% ABV and packs a caramel malt punch.
Most Popular: Monk's Cafe, 11.2 oz bottle $4.69, 12 oz draft $6.00. Whether on draft or in a bottle, we have trouble keeping this Flemish Sour available. A little known beer and style for most, it does have a devoted, cult-like following, and once tried, we have heard the words "life changing" pop out of several people's mouths.

Avant Garde: Uinta's Crooked Line Series Labyrinth Black Ale, 750mL bottle $17.99 - This Imperial Stout is brewed with black licorice sticks and aged in oak barrels and measures in at 13.2% ABV. Enough said!