It's been a week and a half since the video of a wee rat running ON TOP of the Upper West Side Fairway's olives was posted on MyUpperWest—and since then, the popular supermarket has added covers (though only partial ones) to address the issues. Now Fairway has some more details about their war against rats.

MyUpperWest posted the official response from the company (which recently filed an IPO):

Like you, we were dismayed over two incidents of mice in our store over the past few weeks. We know these kinds of things are distressing to our customers and we take this issue very seriously.

In light of the two incidents, we are making a number of improvements to our facilities and equipment. There are some obvious changes that you’ll see in the store shortly, like adding lids for our olive containers [see below]. And we’re also replacing the old entrance, exit and loading dock doors and installing new ones. There are also other improvements, which will be less noticeable, but will help limit the likelihood of this happening again; improvements such as fully sealing off any potential entry points to our basement, replacing or renovating walls and floors, and installing new diamond plated produce cases.

As you know, Fairway Market has been a member of the upper west side community for more than 80 years and our highest priority has been to consistently provide a clean and sanitary environment for all of our friends and customers, so they are always certain that their shopping experience will be of the highest quality. We take great pride in our neighborhood and want to assure the community that every member of the Fairway Market family is committed to this singular mission.

We thank you for your support. We look forward to continuing to serve our customers and their families with integrity and care for generations to come.

Further, Fairway seems to be asking local politicians for their help with fighting the ratty conditions, which may be exacerbated by two vacant buildings.


Of course, these measures are coming after the rat antipasti video and another video of rats scurrying in the aisles. Because nothing will get a store moving until PROOF:

Oh, and you can watch that video with Benny Hill music.