The gooey chocolate hazelnut crack also known as Nutella has been reimagined by the minds over at Fairway Market. The grocer has released their own version of the ridiculously popular spread using an "old family recipe" from the Piedmont region of Italy. Fairway thoughtfully provided our office with a few jars—no bloggers were harmed in the resulting scrum—and according to our taste buds they captured the flavor spot on.

The knockoff Nutella tastes just about identical to its forebear, though Fairway claims their version packs in a higher amount of hazelnuts than the iconic brand. Luckily for choco-hazel addicts, Fairway's version clocks in at 40 fewer calories per serving than Nutella, with 2 tablespoons costing your waistline 160 calories and 9 grams of fat. As college students know, Nutella can be on the pricey side, a fact Fairway hopes to capitalize on but selling their spread at $7 for two 13-ounce jars.

A publicist for the grocery chain encouraged us to "be creative" and slather the decadent spread on waffles or mix it in yogurt. They also suggested that we add the goo to our coffee, a less successful endeavor that resulted in globs of goop mixed in with the dregs. We're sticking to our favorite delivery method from now on: spoon.