Brooklyn residents are waiting with bated breath for the opening of the new 52,000 square foot Fairway on Van Brunt Street in Red Hook. And Upper West Siders - and all other shoppers who visit the wonderful but migraine-inducing Broadway and 74th Street location - are beyond green with envy. Could it be, a location where you're not constantly being pinned in by seniors or children steering shopping carts haphazardly? A store where people aren't at each others' throats at the prepared food section? A market where getting into the elevator like playing "how many clowns can fit in a car"? A location where you're one false move away from knocking glass jars onto the floor because the line for checkout has stretched into the aisles? And a location with parking for 300 cars? Well, we're sure that the Red Hook Fairway will become a scene of grocery shopping bloodsport soon, but it should be fabulous.

If you go there today, let us know what it's like so we can walk into our Fairway with tears in our eyes. You wanna get there? Here are directions. The NY Times says Fairway will open a restaurant on the second floor to catch views of the Statue of Liberty. And there will be a cafe in the bakery section.

Corie has a terrific set of opening hour photographs on Flickr. She took all of these pictures!




Corie tells Gothamist:

The market is huge. One enters into a giant room of produce. For anyone who enjoys a variety of fruits and vegetables, it is heaven. Deeper inside the building a full meats and fish area unfolds, only trumped by the enormous selection of cheeses and olives. There is an entire aisle of olive oil. Likewise, spices. And let's not forget the bagels, deli area, and dairy provisions. Even more surprising is the great selection of everyday items such as cereal, detergent, some housewares, and flowers. It is enough to make you grin and look forward to making dinner.