Don't let the cool breeze and recent (yet brief) dearth of food-frenzy blog posts fool you: The Summer of the Cronut is alive and well, stretching on and on in our hearts, our minds and, most of all, on our streets. Though lines for Dominique Ansel's sorcerous sweets have always been long, today's Cronut line reportedly shattered all previous records, proving once and for all that doughnut/croissant hybrids have the power to bring a community together with the kind of force previously reserved for Art and electronic ballots.

Eater reports that this morning's cronut line made it all the way past Father Fagan Park, and may soon cross the record-breaking threshhold that is Prince Street. One day soon, the Cronut Line of All Lines might even inch past Houston Street, snake up MacDougal and get its fortune read by a man in a wizard hat in Washington Square Park. If you were worried NYU was going to swallow Manhattan south of 14th Street, well, here comes a pastry, John Sexton.

Here's a video documenting the early-morning madness:

Eater hypothesizes today's (slight) uptick in Cronut mania might be a result of Dominique Ansel's appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday, though if you hadn't heard of it before then, surrender your MetroCard to a more worthy New Yorker immediately.