2006_01_food_submit_a_recipe.jpgJust before the New Year, Extra Tasty a new site by The Skinny Corp (perhaps best known for the tee-shirt site Threadless) launched so "you'll never be sober again." Besides cataloging recipes by tags, liquors, mixers and garnishes, the site lets you build your own bar and spits out recipes of what you can make with, say, only rum and coffee liqeur (answer: Black Cuban). Of course, in order to build your bar you need to set up a free account, becoming part of a network able, in theory, to submit recipes to the database (be a hero and add Mai Tai intead of the current MyTai), rate recipes on a five star system and comment on other recipes. We say "in theory" because Extra Tasty is still pretty beta- all you can do at present is submit recipes and see a "Commenting will be pretty neat when we make it work!" message when you attempt to comment.

The social networking aspect of the site is less interesting -seeing what drinks your friends like is more like getting their Netflix recommendations than the actual social interaction you get when you follow a Dodgeball message to a bar-but the tags are definitely cool. We thought a search under the tag "yummy" might give us some sweet, girlie drinks but we also got a BLTini recipe. In a shocking twist, this is also the only recipe so far tagged "gross" but we know some bacon fanatics that might just try it. As an inspiration to restock your bar and experiment, Extra Tasty is fun to look and really, Rachel Kramer Bussel was right- you can't go wrong with something tagged "awesome."